Hello! Thank you for being here! in case you're asking who am I, I'm a Hijabi mom behind my camera, and my kitchen is my best friend.

I love to cook because I love to "CREATE", I love the feeling of turning something raw into a finished meal, and then capture the whole equation into picture.

Cooking is an ART , the sounds, the smell, the sight and the taste.
and because I love to love , I decided to create meals for my family. There is no greater feeling than  putting love into a dish, and seeing your kids enjoying every bite.

THE RECIPES here are family-Friendly( Because you know, I've got myself a family to cook for).

THE PHOTOGRAPHY here is my photo shoot I've done to my customers.I'll be sharing them to inspire you and give you some tips.

MY STYLE. Here I'll be sharing my modest fashion inspiration

With Love,Mariam